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Corporate Philosophy
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Corporate Philosophy

gExplore new technologies, create value and grow with customersh

1. Diligent exploration of new technologies

We aspire to explore new information technologies as professionals, with passion and sincerity.
2. Creation of value

We strive to contribute to society through providing superior technologies toward the creation of new values.
3. Growth with customers

We support customers to realize their goals and grow together toward a dream-inspiring future.

Management Policy

1. Emphasis on technology

We desire to become a group of IT professionals by putting emphasis on technologies and quality.
2. Respect for employees

We create an environment that encourages employees to launch challenges and achieve self-fulfillment, as well as a corporate culture that nurtures a spirit of autonomy.
3. Customer orientation

We provide and support information system services and solutions that prove valuable and worthy of customer trust.
4. Respect for shareholders

We aim for sound and sustainable growth by fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities and continuous enhancement of company value.
5. Steadiness and sincerity

We continually earn the trust of customers, partner firms, employees, shareholders and other stakeholders by being steady and sincere.
6. Corporate ethics and compliance with laws

We make following corporate ethics and compliance with laws and regulations our top priority, and carry out fair and transparent management.

Corporate Vision

To be a trusted partner together with our customers through enhancing the value of IT
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