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  Message to Shareholders and Investors
ICHIRO SEIZAWA  President & Representative Director
Quest is extremely grateful for the continued support received from the company's shareholders and investors.
While the Japanese economy has maintained a modest recovery with sustained improvements in the employment situation and steady increases in capital spending, we still find our situation difficult to predict due to factors including geopolitical risks from the effects of United States policy trends, economic changes in other Asian countries such as China, and the situation with North Korea.
As we look out at the changes and direction of the IT service industry our company is involved in, we can see:
<>Digital business revolution
- Digital disruption is changing existing business models
<> New IT services: "SMACS" + AI/IoT
S: Social networking services
M: Mobile
A: Big data / analytics
C: Cloud services
S: Security
<>New business models
- Digital platforms: Cloud services from providers such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc.
- The sharing economy: Transportation services, lodging services, etc.
- FinTech: Mobile credit card payments, etc.
In individual industries, we see trends such as:
<>Manufacturing: A movement toward IoT across industries
- Embedding sensors in devices to collect/analyze data from the network for optimization
- Industry 4.0 in Germany, Industrial Internet Consortium in the US, and Connected Industries
<>Financial sector: Changes to the industry led by FinTech companies
- Convenient financial services targeting individuals using mobile and the Internet
- Use of blockchain (distributed ledger system and data) technology
<>Automotive industry: The front lines of the shift to digital
- Self-driving smart cars, connected cars with IT device functionality
<>Distribution industry: Change driven by omnichannel and mobile
- An approach integrating various points of contact with the customer, including stores, events, online, mobile, print ads, catalogs, commercials, digital signage, etc.
Quest sees these changes in the business environment as opportunities for new growth. To strive toward our corporate vision, "To be a trusted partner together with our customers through enhancing the value of IT," we will engage in the following initiatives as part of the medium-term three-year plan beginning in FY2018.

1)Transforming the company's business structure
Expand solutions business (ERP/CRM, big data, cloud, security, operation, mobile)
Strengthen QCDS compliance and project management in contracted systems development
Expand comprehensive outsourcing
2)Transforming the company's industry portfolio
Expand services in the fields of telecom, public works (energy, railroads), and automotive in addition to the existing fields of electronics, finance, and entertainment
Create synergy with business partners
3)Strengthen our operating base
Actively hire new graduates and improve human resources development programs
Improve quality control systems
Strengthen cooperation with partner companies that add complementary technologies and resources
4)Prepare new technologies
Prepare new technologies that are essential for the growing digital network society (upfront investment in new technologies, new solutions, and professional human resources development)
Pursue M&A to achieve our medium-term plan

Quest will be working to achieve its Medium-term Business Plan objectives through the effective implementation of the key points listed above.

A key management priority of Quest is the stable return of profits to its shareholders.
Quest will enhance its corporate value over the medium- and long-term. At the same time, it will position the provision of stable shareholder returns as an important corporate challenge. In addition to enhancement of its financial performance, Quest will secure sufficient internal reserves towards the future acquisition of technologies and human resources as well as carry out proactive profit allocation. As our basic policy on dividends of surplus, Quest aims for DOE (dividend on equity ratio) of 5% in the interest of stabile profit distribution to shareholders, and ROE (return on equity) of 10%.
Going forward Quest will continue to carry out highly transparent group-wide management and work towards further enhancement of corporate value as well as sustained growth. We ask our shareholders and investors for your continued understanding and support as we endeavor to fulfill our goals.

Updated on June 2017, ICHIRO SEIZAWA   President & Representative Director