Quest's investor relations activities are based on the following principles.

1. IR program aim and basic approach

Through our IR activities we aim to help shareholders and investors understand our management strategy and actions so that our corporate value can be fairly recognized by the market. As such it is our basic principle to disclose relevant information in a fair, accurate, and timely manner.

2. Disclosure criteria

Quest Co., Ltd. discloses information according to the fair disclosure regulations of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Low of Japan and the Tokyo Stock Exchange. It is also our policy to disclose as impartially and as proactively as possible other information that, although not covered by any related rules and regulations, is likely to be of interest to stakeholders.

3. Method of Disclosure

To secure the impartiality of information disclosure, the Company is registered on the Timely Disclosure network, TDnet, which is operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange to deliver information on a timely base, and uses the IR Information section of the Company's Web site for such disclosure.

4. Forward-looking statements

Some information we disclose contains forward-looking statements that are based on assumptions made in light of information that is currently available. Actual results may differ materially from forecasts depending on a number of factors including adverse economic and market conditions.

5. Quiet Period

To prevent leakage of any information that might affect its stock prices during the period when financial statements are being prepared, the Company refrains from IR activities for three weeks prior to the announcement of financial statements. This period is called the "Quiet Period." Please understand that the Company refrains from answering questions concerning the financial statements during the Quiet Period.

6. Dealing With The Spreading of Rumors to Influence Stock Prices

We will not comment on inquiries regarding the spreading of rumors with the intent to influence our stock price.

However, if we deem that leaving such rumors undealt with may have a significant impact on the Company, we will take swift action to identify the cause behind such rumors and deal with them as necessary.