Message to Shareholders and Investors

Message to Shareholders and Investors

We will continue to support the safety and happiness of people and society with technology and creativity.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of our shareholders and investors for their continued support.

Based on the corporate philosophy of "exploring technology, creating value, and growing together with our customers," the Quest Group has provided value through ICT solution services to customers in various industrial fields.

We formulated “Quest Vision 2030” in 2020, to be a company that can contribute to the improvement of corporate value and the resolution of social issues by further enhancing our ICT solution technology that we have cultivated over many years and the trust of our customers.

As a specific goal, we have set sales of over 20 billion yen and quadrupled our corporate value (over 25 billion yen) in FY 2030, and have drawn a QCSV (Quest Creating Shared Value) story to achieve these goals.
In order to shift to a highly profitable structure and achieve sustainable growth, we have begun initiatives such as acquiring new technologies, implementing strategic alliances, strengthening our internal foundations including digitalization, and promoting diversity.

In addition, in April 2022, we welcomed N.K. Co., Ltd. to our group. We will continue to realize Quest Vision 2030 steadily by integrating the Group's customer network, technological strengths, and resources, and strongly promoting the creation and maximization of synergies by providing services and strengthening solutions to improve economic and social value for customers.

We will continue to position the improvement of corporate value and the stable return of profits to our shareholders as important management issues, while maintaining sufficient internal reserves for contingencies and balancing investments to acquire future technologies, secure human resources, realize sustainable growth, and maintain a highly profitable structure.

We look forward to your continued support of the Quest Group.

Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer