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Oct 2017 Merged the Subsidiary gDraft In Co., Ltd.h
Sep 2015 Had a business tie-up with gSPACE SOLVER Co., Ltd.h investing in Quest.
Feb 2015 Had a business tie-up with gScala,Inc.(old company name:Fusion Partners, Co.)h investing in Quest.
Apr 2013 Changed branch office name from gNagoya Branch officeh to gChubu branch officeh and gSendai Branch officeh to gTohoku branch officeh.
Nov 2012 Had a business tie-up with gUNIRITA Inc.(old company name:BSP Corporation)h investing in Quest.
Apr 2009 Took over system development business from JIPS Corporation.
Aug 2007 Made gDraft In Co., Ltd.h a wholly owned subsidiary.
Mar 2007 Increased capital to 491.03 million yen.
Dec 2005 Had a business tie-up with gSCSK Corporation (old company name: Sumitomo Computer Systems Corporation)h investing in Quest.
Jul 2004 Upgraded ISMS certification standard to ver. 2.0.
Nov 2003 Moved the head office and Mita office to their current locations.
Mar 2003 Acquired ISMS certification standard ver. 1.0 (Hosting service and system development; Management and operation of intra-networks and servers).
Oct 2002 Became listed on the JASDAQ market.
Sep 2001 Obtained Privacy Mark accreditation.
Dec 2000 Increased capital to 250 million yen.
Apr 1999 Merged and acquired the subsidiary gQuest Sendai Co., Ltd.h
Dec 1998 Established the Mita branch office as a site for system development.
Mar 1998 Established the Nagoya branch office.
Jan 1997 Established the Oita Business office.(Kyushu Branch)
May 1992 Changed subsidiary company name from gSystem technology Co., Ltd.h to gQuest Sendai Co., Ltd.h
Apr 1990 Increased capital to 110 million yen.
Apr 1988 Changed company name to gQuest Co., Ltd.h and branched out to pursue new business opportunities.
May 1982 Established gSystem technology Co., Ltd.h as a subsidiary in Sendai.
Sep 1980 Increased capital to 50 million yen.
Apr 1980 Moved the head office to Minato-ku, Tokyo.
Apr 1967 Started system development business and infrastructure services.
May 1965 Founded as gKeihin Keisan Center Co., Ltd.h in Nihonbashi, Tokyo; started data entry business.
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